Do It Today :- improve productivity and Achieve more meaningful things

Do It Today :- improve productivity and Achieve more meaningful things
Do it today


Today we are going to summarise a great book on productivity. The name of the book is “DO IT TODAY” by Darius Foroux. In this book you will learn :-

• Why we procrastinate and how we can overcome it ?

• How to increase your productivity without being stressful?

• How to achieve more meaningful thing in your life so you can enjoy it more?

Through this book you will going to learn, how to beat procrastination ? what are the habits of productive people ? How to increase your focus? What makes you more productive? And how you can read 100 books in a year ?

To understand this book, you have to divide it in nine parts.

What author do when he can’t focus?

Finish your tasks

Do you struggle to finish your tasks? Are you always distracted by notification, gossiping?

If that is the case, then you and the author are the same because focusing on a single thing is the hardest thing at work. Always something interrupts you like another person, a call, a meeting or some news. Yes you can blame those things but that is wrong. You no that tooj things can’t interrupt you without your permission. That means everytime when you are not focused then you are giving someone or something permission to enter your mind. In that way the author looks at interruptions. So what you can do to improve your focus ? Here are two thing that the author always does, when he finds himself not being able to focus on important things.


Everyday we accumulate stuff. It’s not about the things we buy, it’s about the ideas. We are exposed to so many ideas that we adopt some of them and make them our own.

For example, many people told the author that he must create YouTube videos. Author also give advice to his friends, his team members on how they can improve their life, career and business. We all do this thing and there is nothing wrong with that. It only becomes problem if you don’t filtered the input you get from people. So author heard from people that he should make you to videos then he thoughts in his mind that ” He should make videos ! “. He started working on it and uploaded a video and the response was positive. But there was only one problem. Making video on YouTube took too much of his time and attention and because of these he was not able to focus on writing and making podcasts. And those are exactly the things that he wants to do. And because of this his focus and work suffered. Then he asked himself a question ” What things should I eliminate to make my life so simple that it’s easy to focus?”

In this case he stop focusing on YouTube. Elimination is a key strategy that the author uses for many aspects of his life. We accumulate so much unnecessary things in years that our brain is filled with ideas and projects and consistently eliminating them is important.

If you find struggling in focus then try this strategy. Make your life so simple that leaving becomes so easy. The second thing that the author does is to think about the success of the first. Thinking about past success and happiness stimulates the production of serotonin.

Serotonin is ek chemical nerve which our sales produce. Serotonin helps to reduce depression, stabilize mood, control sleep and regulate anxiety. Serotonin also plays massive role in our general well being. It also regulates delayed gratification that is why serotonin matters to our focus. When aur serotonin activity goes down then because of it lack of focus can happen in the long term. When you loss focus there is a big chance that your serotonin activity is low. That’s why you are indulging into sort term pleasures like going out, drinking, watching p***, shopping, watching TV. To improve your focus, boost your serotonin activity. Research shows that exercise can also do this. but a simple mind exercise can also do this. You just need to do one task which is to remember positive events that happened in the past. When serotonin goes up, your focus goes up. And ultimately that is what you need.

As per science, how to beat procrastination ?

How to beat procrastination ?

Procrastination has been around since the start of modern Civilization. Historical figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Benjamin Franklin have said that procrastination is the enemy of results. The funny thing about procrastination is that we all know that it’s harmful. Who actually likes to procrastinate? No one. And procrastination was the story of the author’s life. In the beginning of each semester he remained cool. He used to enjoy, relax and go out to parties. However a week before his exams he used to tell himself ” Bro, why didn’t you start studying earlier ?” And then he used to think that during the start of semester he was not studying but he was parting and enjoying. And research shows exactly this : when you procrastinate you might feel better in the short term but you will suffer in the long term. One thing that all procrastinators have in common is that procrastination has a price. A study published in the American psychological society journal and the cost of procrastination was written in it which was depression irrational beliefs, low self esteem, anxiety and stress. Procrastination is not innocent behaviour, it’s a sign of poor self regulation. Researchers even compare procrastination to alcohol and drug abuse. Self regulation, self control and will power are those things that we overestimate. So instead of depending upon will power or self discipline it will be better that we form a system of doing work. A lot of people do not like routine and systems because they want to have to freedom but freedom is your enemy. The fact is that if you want to get things done, then you will require rules. Here are some things that have proved to be effective. Self imposed deadlines, accountability system, work in intervals, exercising 30 minutes everyday, a healthy diet, eliminating destructions and most importantly interval motivation. If you combined the right productivity techniques then you will get a productivity system. The deadlines created urgency, accountability creates responsibility, working in intervals improves your focus exercise and healthy diet will give you more energy and eliminating destructions will take away the temptations. But no system can help you unless you are internally motivated. People overcomplicate it, but it’s science, not rocket science.

The Habits of Unproductive people you’re don’t want to copy

The habit of unproductive people

These are some habits of unproductive people. If you have some of these habits then don’t worry, we all become unproductive for time but if you have four or more then it might be time to change.

Worring too much

What if I go broke ? What if I lose my job ? If I get cancer ? What if this plan crashed ?

You give your head so far in the land that you can’t see how self absorbed that way of thinking is. It is always about me, me and only me.

These examples are all from the Authors personal life. He used to be the king of the “What if” game.

But here is the thing : you are not going to die right this second. Get over yourself stop worrying and do something useful.

Checking Things

What are you doing ? ” I was just checking Facebook “.

Checking is not a useful thing. It might be a verb, but it’s not a real action.

When an Author starts blogging, he always checks the stats for no reason. Then he thought : what is the autcome of checking ? The answer is Nothing. You just consume Information.

Author wanted to reduce his ” Checking “. That’s why he deleted all news and social media apps on his phone. Checking is a habit you can never fully eliminate. Pick only one or two checking things you actually like. Eliminate the rest. You are not missing anything anyway.

Escaping Life

Two years ago every time the author got stressed out, he said stuff like : ” I need a drink ” or ” I have to go on a vacation “. And When he got great issues at work or in his relationship then he pretended they didn’t exist. Did he solve those issues ? The answer is NO. He always tried to escape them.

Escaping problems can give you some stamina to face your shitty life again. But we know that problems never go away until you grab them by the root and throw them away.

Saying Yes

Most people are afraid to say no. May you don’t want to show people down. Maybe you are not uncomfortable with the word no. It doesn’t matter really. What matters is this : If you keep saying yes, you are living someone else’s life. Think about it. Deep down, we all know that it’s true. We are not even in control of our own time. Want to take full control of your life ? Then say not to a million things and yes to a few important things that matter.

Not Writing Thing Down

Are you so smart that you remember everything ? I do not think so. Not Writing down your thoughts, Ideas, tasks etc is stupid because you wasting a lot of brain power when you rely on memory. When you write everything down then you can use your brain power for those things which are most important like solving problems. By this you will able to focus on those things which are useful for you and help you in life. If you are journal then it’s better.

Neglecting Your Own Personal Education

Who is that who learns one thing and stops forever ? Authors always thought that when you pass out from college, so learning is over. But the truth is your life stops when your learning stops.

Invest in yourself : Learn something, Read books, Get courses, watch videos. Do it from home or from places but do it. By doing this you will be more productive and more excited about life.

Hating Rules

Most people hate rules. It starts when we are kids. Why do I have to do this ? But when we get adults then we don’t follow the rules. Rules are dumb that’s what Author always believed. Author says he is an Idiot. Rules are actually the best thing about life. When it comes to productivity, the first rule is : Have rules. If you want to live without rules, your wish. But life is not a fight club. Rules actually help us to solve problems.

How To Focus Better Manage Your Attention (Not Your Time)

How to focus better manage your attention

How many minutes of undisturbed work do you get to do in one average day ? 10 minutes, 20 minutes or may be 50 minutes. If you think that sounds low, just examine your life. Most of us can’t go undisturbed for more than 10 minutes. We are all so connected that it becomes impossible to find time to focus on yourself and your work. Some of us get hundreds of notification and messages per day. Most people’s day consists of answering notifications. Distraction are not some 21st century first world problems. Distraction has been a part of life. It has nothing to do with your Smartphone, YouTube, Instagram or Tinder. It’s human nature. We love to be busy, Socrates, Who love to be busy. Socrates, who is one of the founders of western philosophy, warned us of this things 2400 years ago. Being busy is not a good thing because busyness and distractions hand in hand. There are always distractions. So you have to become better in managing your attention, not your time. Because that’s the biggest mistakes people make. We falsely believe that we can manage time, but time can’t managed. The things which you control is your attention. And remembers focus determines the quality of your life. No focus means no control of your attention, and no control means frustration. We all know what frustration leads to. So Start managing your attention and not your time.

Take a Vacation It Boost Your Productivity and Reduces Stress

Boost your Productivity

You recharge your phone When it runs out of battery, but sometimes you forget to recharge your most precious, which means your body. Getting up in the morning and living in this world is a difficult task.So why do you make your life even more difficult by just not taking a vacation ? Author is not talking about those vacations where you work more than recharging but he is talking about those reasons which are taken for a specific reasons and that reason is to recharge your battery so that you can work hard. Scientific research shows that a vacations decreases perceived job stress and burnout. That is a good reason for taking a vacation. But as you know, the Author is greatly interested in productivity. So in this case of a vacation, he asks himself ” Will I be able to do more things when I get back ?” The answer is yes. So this means by taking a three or four days break, you would be able to remove stress and burnout, and along with it after getting back, you would be more Productive. This is good ROI on your money and time.

Eliminate Mindless Browsing

Eliminate Mindless Browsing

We all have days when we feel unproductive or that we do not have energy to do anything. When you feel you are not productive, that chances are that it is because interruptions and multitasking drain your energy. When you do multiple things simultaneously, like sending an email, talking with a friend and checking your Facebooks then you engage in a context switching. Research was done at the University of California. And in that it turned out, it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption. Since we are interrupted more than once, this adds up quickly and you feel like you have done nothing that day. Clifford Nass who is sociologist from Stanford University, researched the impact of multitasking and he found that people who manage in multitasking are ” Suckers for irrelevancy “. We engage in multitasking because we are distracted by notifications, which are addictive. We cannot control ourselves whenever notifications come, we must ask ourselves if I should give my attention to this thing or to these people. Everytime a notification pops op on our screen, we go a rush that releases dopamine. Dopamines controls the pleasure systems of the brain and makes you fell joy. This joyous feeling is addictive and we start doing things that stimulate dopamine. You can think about food, drugs and the notifications, these are the behavior that give us dopamine. Dopamine creates a rush, but it is also exhaust us. That’s why to you still feel tired at the end of the day while you have not been productive. This is a harmful process and we need to stop this pattern. Being productive means simply control over your day. What harms your productivity the most is Browsing ? It absolutely kills it. Whenever we are browsing then we don’t get to know about time. You must heard some people saying ” What ! I just did nothing for two hours “. That’s why the Author says to take control of your attention and time. The point is, do something that is worth your time. Be conscious about your time. And spent so it improves the quality of your life.

20 Things That will Make You More Productive Than Ever

Thoughts and Ideas

Productivity tools, apps for hacks don’t work if you do not have the right mindset because productivity is a way of living. It’s about achieving maximum output, completing work and not wasting time. Here the Author shares 20 things that he done in the past three years that have made him very productive :-

Always cut to the chase

There is everything in life, somewhere there is crap and somewhere things that matter. Chit chat, small talks, delay are all useless. If you want to complete work, then you have to jump directly into the action.

Record all your thoughts and ideas

Just like computers, we have a random access memory ( RAM ). Your RAM stores relevant short term information. But your RAM capacity is limited. When it’s full, then it automatically deletes older information to make space for new information. You have to write your thoughts so that you can unload your RAM, by this you will get more brain power. Even if you are never going to see those written thoughts, still write them because they will help you immensely.

Say no

When it comes to work, the Author says no to everything that doesn’t support his goals and values. Because we live in an abundant world where everything is in a great amount.

Take a 5 minute break

Take a 5 minute break every 30 to 45 minutes. You can stretch you back, walk around and drink somewhere. But more importantly, you can take your nose out of your work.

Eliminate everything that distracts you

Will power is overrated. If something distracts you then eliminate it. One of Author’s friends had a news addiction. Author suggested him to get rid of his TV, delete his news apps, and block the news sites on his laptop. Two weeks later he told to Author that he is starting a new business. Do not think you are immune to your distraction. Remove them.

Keep away clutter

A cluttered life means a cluttered brain. And with a cluttered brain, you cannot complete work. Author says to work in a simple environment. A desk, a laptop and a notebook keep it simple. You don’t need to show off.

Focus on one thing

If you have reccuring tasks, try to do as much of the same thing on one day. Author write 2-3 blog posts on one day, the other days of the week he use for his other projects and businesses on his writing days, he turn off his phone and just write.

Stop consuming so much information

You don’t have to watch 100 videos on productivity. If you find useful informatio, try it. Don’t search more. More is not always better.

Create routines

Decisions fatigue your brain. And routines eliminate decisions which ultimately means more brain power. Routines are efficient.

Don’t multitask

As discussed earlier it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption. This is the wastage of useful time.

Check email twice a day

Everytime you check your Email, you get a rush of Dopamine. Checking email makes us feel good, and most of us get addicted of it. While Dopamine may cause a rush, it also exhausts you. That’s why you still feel tired at the end of the day while you have not done anything. Productivitive whole. To minimize that turn off notifications and check your email twice a day on set times.

No smartphone during the first hour of day

A smartphone’s primary function is to interrupt you. But don’t let other people or apps interrupt you during the first hour of your day. Use the first first hour to think about your day, read a book and enjoy your breakfast.

Plan the next day

Every night before Author go to bed, he take five minutes to set his priorities for the next day. By this when he gets up the next day he feels more focused. He believes that if he would not do this task then he will waste his time.

Keep ” Thinking ” to a minimum

When people says , ” I am thinking ” then they mean worrying by thinking. Don’t think too much. Just do and see what happens. If you like what is happening then continue instead don’t do it.

Do exercise

A few things are vital in life : food, water, shelter, relationship and exercise. Without this stuff you can’t function properly. Scientific research shows that regular exercise can make you happier, smarter, and more energetic.

Laugh a little

Laughing reduces stress. And of you want to keep up your productivity then you don’t need stress. So move the corner of your mouth upward as much as you can, means keep laughing.

Don’t go to the meeting

This is tough one for people who work for companies. Some companies have a ‘ meeting ‘ culture. People organize meetings just to look important or procrastinate real work.

Is that really necessary ?

Ask yourself that question as often as you can. You will find that often your answer is no. So why do unnecessary things.

If you are having a shitty day, press reset

Someone gets angry with you or something bad happens with you. This happens with everyone don’t think about it that much. Spend some time alone, do meditation, listen to music or go for a walk. Try to get back on task. Don’t let your day go to waste.

Do the work

Yes, talking about work is easier than doing it. Every one can do it, but you are not like everyone. You art a productivity beast so act like productivity beast.

If You want to be more productive, research shows that you need a break

became more Productivity

Author have read dozens of books on productivity and countless articles on time management, and have tested different methods to boost his Productivity. The idea is simple : He want to get more work done in the same amount of time. He is not looking for shortcuts or hacks. He like working. What he done like is wasting on stuff that is meaningless. Sometimes he start by watching YouTube video and 2 hours have gone by. And then he get frustrated with YouTube. But that doesn’t make any sense. It like you drunk alcohol last night and today you are getting angry on it. Problem is not with alcohol, but it’s with you. You could it have put down after one drink. You could have put it down after one video. Author has found a way to eliminate that frustration by which there is fun in working and lot less stress in work.

The solution is simple : Take a 5 minute break after every 30 minutes of work. It is also called pomodoro technique. This method works because it is dependent upon evolutionary biology. Our brain cannot focus in a single task for long periods. Our brains are meant to ensure our survival that’s why it always stays in a state of alertness. So focusing on one thing for a long time is hard for your brain. Research from the University of Illinois, show that deactivating and reactivating work allow us to stay focused. When you are completing long task, such as studying for exams, making presentations or writing reports then taking short and planned breaks is the best method. When you take a break, then you get some seconds to re-evaluate. Sometimes you can find that you have to adjust your work to increase the quality. On the other hand you are working on a task, without taking breaks, then got will lose focus early on and will be unable to maintain the quality of work. That’s why the 5 minute breaks are equally usually important as the 30 minutes of work. Take your breaks seriously. See them as a reward. Use a break to walk a bit, do some stretches or something that relaxes you. Feel pleased with the work you have done. If you want to try this method, here are a few other things that can help : use an app to set the 30 minutes interval. Assign just one task to every 30 minutes intervals. Don’t skip your breaks. Don’t check you Email during your break. Take a 15 minute break after 4 intervals. Don’t accept the interruption or false emergencies when you are in 30 minutes stretch. Set a daily goal.

How to Read 100 Books A Year

Read 100 books

Now we have come to the last chapter of this summary which tells how to read 100 books in one year. All successful people read books. If you would read the biography of every great person, then you would get to know that they read books. So to read mort Author gives us 5 lessons :

Buy in bulk

If you want to read more, you have to buy more books. Some people don’t get it. They would spend 5000 rupees on new shoes, but they will not by 20 books from Amazon. The idea is simple : If you have more books in your home, you will have more choices and this will help you. This because most of the books you read are not planned in advance. You finish a book, look at your inventory and decide what to read next. Don’t overthink which book you should read next because you will seat reading for hours, which is a waste of time. Having an inventory of books keeps up the momentum. You also never have an excuse not to read.

Always be reading

Author live by a motto which is always be reading. He read a minimum of one hour per day and even more during the weekend and holidays. Find a way to read around your schedule and your life situation. Don’t make excuses like you are too tired or too busy. Always be reading means that you read on the train, read while you are eating, read at doctor’s office and most importantly read while everyone else is wasting their time watching the news or checks Facebook for the 100th time that day. If you do that, you will read more than 100 books in a year. So let’s do this maths : Most people read 50 pages in one hour. If you will read 10 hours a week, then you will read 26,000 pages in a year. If one book averagely has 250 pages, then you will read 104 books in a year. Even if you take two week break you will read at least 100 books in a year. That is a good return on your time investment.

Read relevant books only

All books are not for everyone. A book might be a great seller, but it is may be nor for you. If you can’t flip through the pages, or you always think that how many more pages I have to read then put the book away because it is not for you. Read only those books that are related to your profession or hobby. Read books about people that you admire.

Read multiple books simultaneously

There are no rules to reading so you can do whatever you want. Sometimes, Author is reading five books at once. He read 50 pages of one book in the morning and then read another book in the afternoon. He likes to read in this way. If you are reading something that’s complicated, you might want to read something to that’s easier for evenings. He like to read biographies before he go to sleep because they are like stories. He do not read a investing book in bed because if he will do that, then will be awake till 3:00 am because his mind would be filled with new things.

Retain the knowledge

Knowledge is only good if you use it. To retain the knowledge, you need a system that helps you do that. When you read a book, use a pen to make notes in the margins and highlight important text. If while reading you get something which is really important then, fold the top and bottom corner of the page. When you finish the book, read folded pages. Copy those quotes which you want to apply in your life.

In this book we learnt, why we procrastinate and how we can overcome it. How to increase your Productivity without being stressful. Now it’s time to achieve your set goal. You can order the books, and read the same in details from this link :

Buy Now : Click here to buy this book

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